How to Bluff in Online Poker Game

If you have been playing poker, you may know that bluffing is a crucial part of this game. But learning the art of bluffing takes significant time and study for mastering.

What Is Poker Bluffing ?

Poker is a card game on which a player makes a raise or bet which is known as bluff. It is not considered to be a good hand. You have to make such type of bet to bluff. Poker bluffing is all about inducing a fold with an opponent who has better hand.

Things You Should Know

  • Tight or Loose Table - Technically, bluffs are more likely to win bigger on tight tables. And the loose tables are much fated to failure, unless you have fooled all the loose players.

  • Table Limits - No point is there in low limit play when it comes to bluffing. You may bet for a few bucks and someone can call your bluff most of the time. Bluffing is very effective in high or no limit.

  • Who to Bluff - As compared to stronger players, weak ones are more difficult to bluff. Weak players can't just stand because of not having knowledge that what you actually have and they tend to lose. Hence, they will call. Strong players will not call several bluffs, unless they figure out with your 'tells' and have strong cards. Don't choose big chip stacks to bluff.
    They can absorb the loss with chips and can call. Instead, you must bluff at short stackers. They protect their chips and face all the real challenges. Don't bluff loose players because they have higher chances to call your bluff instead of folding their cards.

  • Bluff with 'Outs' - A lot of players claim that bluffing with 'outs' is not an actual bluff. But if you have likelihood of having outer chance of making a decent hand, you will be served better in bluffing. It is also known as semi bluff. For instance, you have played Texas Hold'em and you would completely miss with a flop when a board shows J, T.

  • Best Time to Bluff - It might be the best time to go further and bluff the pot. You may represent a huge pair or which is caught with a flop piece and your show might try to fold the table and offer you the pot over there. You can have outs even when you are called as bluff. A king or ace on river or turn can give top pair. You can have the nut directly if you hit the queen. Even though bluff doesn't go well, bluffing with odds keeps you safe.

  • When to Start - As a general rule of thumb, the more players you bluff, the less likely to keep you working. Keep in mind that everyone has your goal to fold.

When to Bluff ?

If possible, late position is best choice to bluff. If every player is calling, folding or checking against you, it is an ideal time to buy and try the pot. Early position is not a wise choice to bluff as you don't have any clue to who has dealt killer cards and hit their hand.