PokerStars Review

Owning a lion's share of the Total Business with 20% - 40% in the Entire Gambling industry, Poker Stars rules the Poker rooms and pretty sets all the standards for Poker rooms wide across the Internet. With its highly qualified top notch security team, strong user friendly software PokerStars is twice as popular when compared to any other popular network on the Internet.

So, what makes Poker stars the best Online Poker room for almost anybody?

Nothing becomes popular without some amazing attributes, same holds true to Poker Stars Poker room as well. Following are the list of salient features of Poker Stars and the main contributors to its popularity.

Popularity: PokerStars is unbeatable when it comes to Popularity and a study just proved it with a number recording as 22,831 cash game players and a whopping 1, 20,000 active players recorded on one single day i.e. July 1st. Poker Stars Poker room lives up to its popularity and records an almost full Tilt all skins on both iPoker Network and Party Poker. It is due all these and many more brilliant features that forces players to rate Poker Stars a 10 out of 10 on the Popularity parameter.

Security: Part of the reason for this amazing popularity should be awarded to the high tech and absolutely brilliant security measures in place for the players. They have a huge security team that keeps a close eye on every cash withdrawal, constantly looking for any suspicious play. They have a stringent policy of putting every customer through an official age verification process which cuts way down on fraudulent accounts and stolen credit cards. The Void controversy in the 2007 World Championship of Online Poker would be the only reason for Poker Stars' rating to dip. Due to this teeny tiny flaw Poker Stars scores 9 out of 10 on the Security.

Player Competition and Site Software: Nicknamed as the Poker room for players and only players, Poker Stars is ranked amongst the first sites to offer fully resizable tables for grinders to take full advantage of multi-tabling. They stand out from its competition not only because of its amazing software, however, they assure that every player would only experience brilliance and in any situation of a glitch in the software it is swiftly taken care by the all amazing customer support officials. Though minor the players found that the non-presence of avatars makes them feel like something is amiss though it doesn't directly affect any bearing on the actual gameplay. So this is why though it gets an absolute excellent on Player Competition i.e. 10 outthe minor feedback that drags the score down to 9 out of 10 on Site Software.

Company ethics: Trying to make their poker room flawless and constantly updating themselves allows Poker Stars to score an amazing 9 out of 10 i.e. excellence on the Ethics parameter. Their amazing techniques of providing players with resizable tables, its options of 14 languages and continued acceptance of US customers they strive to only entertain their customers.

Site Promotions: Though most points should be given to trying to be perfect, Poker Stars loses quite a few points in the Site promotions parameter owing it to the Bonuses segment. Even though Poker Stars is famous for their sign - up bonuses, it gets hit due to the free money. Many suggested that their Frequent Player Program also needs to set up in performance combined with a little more work on the reload bonuses. Even though they have some good bonuses laid out for players, in comparison to the high standards Poker Stars has set for itself the bonuses slip away. It is because of this that Poker Stars scores 6 out of 10 on the Site Promotions parameter.

Rating on eth overall experience Poker Stars Poker room scores a 8.85 out of 10 in other words 'the Best'.

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