Lock Poker Witnesses Loss of Player Traffic by 15%

The so-called US-based poker website, Lock Poker is witnessing languished withdrawal requests and their customer support is giving empty promises that cash outs are on the way to reach players. As a result, the website is bearing loss of player traffic by 15%.

According to PokerScout, the ring game action has been fallen down to 34 players within 7 days. Earlier last month, the traffic rose by 14% after which this decline came.

The decline in traffic shows that Lock Poker is out on unreliability and the number of players is reducing. But some leisure players don't keep up with updates and news from the poker media. Several players claim that they are yet to get paid and they are claiming it as an indisputable scam.

For those who are playing on this site and may have not heard about it yet, there are hundreds of those players whose withdrawal requests are still pending. And these requests total around $1 million and Lock management has seemingly ignored these requests. A notice has been sent by the PPA (Poker Players Alliance) to the representatives of Lock Poker on April asking for the delay. Till date, none of them came into request.

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