Former Affiliates Condemn Pokerstars Partners

Recently, Pokerstars Partners have witnessed a harsh disapproval from its past affiliates who have been following new policy of the company. It's been a few weeks when the controversy was taken place when several affiliates of Pokerstars have got notice with a message that affiliate contracts are about to an end and they won't get payment even for the players which had been introduced through them previously to Pokerstars. The company reported that this step was important to be taken because they wanted to avoid those affiliates whose monthly acquisitions of low level cannot justify the heavy payment per month.

However, the ex-affiliates had another take on the issue and said that it is their greedy decision which is based on killing off all the super affiliate accounts. On 1st of August, the parent company of Pokerstars the Rational Group was sold out to Amaya Gaming at $4.9 billion. Since then, they have been making several changes in policies, such as launching Spin & Go games, trimming down its sponsored professional team, and losing its long-term relationship with some great affiliates. Best Odds Corp is one of those discontented affiliates through which several new players were being sent to the company for over 10 years.

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