Europoker French Places on Liquidation at Paris Commercial Court

French gamers of poker are about to lose out €100,000 as Europoker's parent company is set into French Poker liquidation at Paris-based commercial court. On the Ongame network, was the brainchild earlier this year when the left to join From Bwin players, when the liquidity was gone, the French Ongame network was about to end and Europoker joined iPoker on September. According to the story you hear, the migration didn't take place.

On 26th September, EPMEDIA was officially ended and left everyone in the darkness. The website of Europoker still suggests that migration of the players to iPoker will occur and player cannot access their accounts anymore and call for withdrawals. Sacha Kechichian, the founder of Europoker, said that Europoker could have been alive by shifting to iPoker network. But it had faced losses of operation of around €329,000 and assets of around €200000 in 2012.

At iPoker, it has much chances that the head didn't desire to take the whole liability, even though the issues could have been fixed on the bonus structures. The market of online poker in France is very competitive and Europoker worked harder to deal with competition against Pokerstars and Winamax.

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