Learn Video Poker the Easy Way

Video poker was introduced in the early 70's when it was more popularly known as the 'poker slots'. It basically follows the principle of poker game only through a video format. One important thing to note of, this game has a lot in common with the famous slot machines. In this interface, there's no interaction with an online player or dealer. The combinations of cards are governed by a random-number generator.

Although both games utilize a machine, the percentage of payout in video poker is always higher than slot machine games. If you apply excellent strategies on this game, you'll certainly achieve positive results in every game play.

How to Play it

  • Insert Coin Platform - Just like the online slot machine, online video poker also requires you to insert coins before the game begins. Remember that denominations range from $0.25 to $5.00. Knowing these amounts will help you decide how much you would want to insert into the machine.

  • Wage on Each Hand - It's important to wage an amount of coins on each hand. More often than not, there's a better percentage of payout if you wage more coins on each hand. There are two types of online poker machines: lower denomination and higher denomination. Go for higher denomination machine if you opt for high payouts. Example to this is the 5 coins per play.

  • Press the "Deal" Button - Upon completing the betting phase (waging coins per hand), you can proceed by pressing the "Deal" button. Once you hit this button, you will be given five cards which will compose your poker hand.

  • "Keep" and "Deal" Phase - This is the stage where you need to decide which cards you want to discard and keep. A "Keep" button is provided on the screen which you can click once you have decided which cards you wanted to keep. After pressing "Keep" button, you can continue with the "Deal" button to have a replacement of those cards you decided to discard.
    This phase follows the principle of 'pocket' and 'community' cards which are used to create the best five hands in a regular poker games such that of Texas Holdem.

  • Showdown - In here, the machine will display the amount of payouts above the monitor where the cards are dealt. You will easily determine how much your hand paid out. If you want to play another round of poker, just repeat the steps starting from the 'insert coin - stage'. However, you can just exit the screen if you opt not to continue.

When playing online video poker, you'll be interacting with a machine and not real players such of those being practiced in online poker websites. Nevertheless, you still can gain fortune in every play. It's just a matter of waging the right amount of coins on the five cards that would appear on your screen.

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