Texas Holdem Poker

If it is your first time to learn about the poker game, it would be a good start to indulge with Texas holdem poker. This is because the rules being applied are not that complicated as compared to other poker game variants. It only takes a few minutes to understand the rules and a couple of hours to master the game. To have a good grasp of Texas Holdem, you must engage in a real game so as to feel the action. Constant playtime makes you an efficient player.

Texas Holdem Game Mechanics

  • Posting - Players are to place the so-called blinds and antes before the game as soon as the betting and limit structure have been organized. This is the first step in all poker games.

  • Standard Deck - There are 52 playing cards to be used in a standard deck as shuffled and dealt by the dealer of the game.

  • Hole Cards - Hole cards are also known as pocket cards. The dealer deals two private cards to each player face down.

  • Pre-flop Betting Round (First Betting Round) - The first round of betting takes place starting from the player located to the left of the blinds. After the Pre-flop, players will either fold' raise or call. To prevent cheating' the so-called "burn card", which is found at the top part of the deck, is discarded by the dealer.

  • Flop - Flop is the term that's used in Texas Holdem when the dealer flips 3 cards on the table faced up. These three cards are called communal cards that each player can use to add with their pocket cards to form their best five hands.

  • Second Betting Round - The second betting round starts from the person to the left of the dealer. After this betting round, another communal card is laid on the table by the dealer. This part is called the "turn".

  • Third Betting Round - The third betting round takes place starting from the person to the left of the dealer. In most poker variants, this is the part where the size of the bet doubles.

  • River - After the third betting round, dealer places the final card on the table face up. This stage is called "river". At this point, each player is allowed to use any card from the five cards laid on the table to form their best five hands.

  • Final Betting Round - The final betting round takes place from the person to the left of the dealer.

  • Showdown - Players reveal their best five poker hand. Player with the best five cards wins the game.

Texas holdem poker is a game that comes in different variants. For as long as you have mastered the basic mechanics of the game, you can easily shift into other poker game modifications.

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