Strip Poker

Any variety of poker games can be played in strip poker. The only difference is that losers of every round will take off a piece of their clothes. Below are rules on one of the easiest poker variety that is used for it - Texas Hold'em.

  • What You Need - Poker games need at least 2 persons with chips or money to start. It also requires a standard deck of 52 cards. And in this kind of poker, players need a lot of confidence.

  • Laying the Bets - There must be 2 different small blind and big blind for every round. The big blind is forced to pay the entire initial bet while the small blind pays only half of it. It depends on the players how much money will be at stake. It is also the players' prerogative how many times the pot can be raised.

  • Game Proper - The first step in online strip poker is for the dealer to give each player 2 cards to deal with. The player on the left of the dealer gets the card and bets first always. All the players will then decide whether to call for it or to fold their cards.

  • The Flop - After everyone has made their bets, 3 cards are shown by the dealer. These are the first of the 5 common cards. The remaining strip poker players will be asked again whether they will raise or fold their cards after seeing their chances with the given common cards or "Flop".

  • The Turn - Another piece of card is shown by the dealer and this card is called the Turn. Betting is again done after this card is revealed.

  • The River - The last piece of the common cards is revealed after the bets have been settled and is called the river. This is everybody's chance to raise the pot. This is the part of the game when a poker face is needed the most.

  • The Face Off - All the players will show their cards to everyone in this step. The player with the best 5-card combination wins the game. To learn more about the card combinations, you can check the website

  • The Twist - The player with the best card gets the pot. Everybody takes off a piece of what they are wearing except for the winner.

Those who are playing online strip poker must have videos feature enable in the computer or laptop during the entire game.