Omaha Poker

Omaha Poker starts with the designation of players. There must be a big blind, a small blind and a dealer before a game. The game is played clockwise. The first to have the cards and the first to bet is the big blind followed by the small blind, the antes and the dealer. The dealer and the big blind may be the same person. This makes the game compatible for at least 2 persons.

  • Cards on Hand - Each and every player of Omaha online poker is given 4 cards by the dealer from the standard deck consisting of 52 cards. However, only two of them are used to combine with the communal cards.

  • Limiting Bets - It is up to the poker games master how much would be the initial bet and how many times it can be raised.

  • Raising the Pot - The betting starts as soon as everyone has their 4 cards. The person beside the dealer or the big blind is always asked first in the Omaha poker. Everyone has to decide whether they will equal the initial bet, raise it or fold their card. Those who have folded their cards can no longer play for the succeeding laying of bets.

  • Common Cards - After everyone has settled their bets, the dealer will show 3 cards. Everybody has the chance to form combinations from these cards.

  • Raising the Pot Even More - Everybody is again asked whether they will equal the mandatory bet, raise the pot, or discard cards.

  • Another Common Card - The fourth member of the 5 common cards is then revealed to the players left in this round of Omaha online poker.

  • Raising the Pot More and More - This is again the time where everyone is left with 3 choices - betting more, checking or folding. The pot doubles or even triples after this betting period.

  • The Last Common Card - The 5th card is exposed to the remaining players. There will be no more common cards that will be shown for everyone to use after this one.

  • Raising the Pot the Most - This is the last chance to increase the pot. Everyone must play the poker face during this final betting procedure.

  • The Battle - All of the remaining contenders reveal their cards. The player with the best combinations of cards at hand will take home all the money in the pot.

  • The End of the Game - The winner is the only person left with all the money of all the other players.

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