Omaha Hi Lo

Omaha Hi Lo Poker is a variation from the Omaha Poker. The thing that made it distinct is that players are able to bet for 2 games in just one round if they have the "high" and the "low" cards on their hand.

  • Betting Assignments - There should always be a dealer and blinds. The big and the small blinds are required to pay the initial bets that everyone has set. The small blind gets to pay half of it. These roles rotate clockwise, thus everybody will have their own chance of being the blinds.

  • Cards on Hand - There are 4 cards given to each and every player in Omaha poker hi lo but only 2 of these cards can be combined with 3 common cards to form the best combination of 5.

  • Discard, Check or Raise - The player has to choose whether to fold the card and leave the round for the rest, to pay the mandatory bet or to increase the money at stake. Raising is only limited to two times here Omaha Poker Hi Lo.

  • Hi-Lo Cards - The dealer classifies whether the bets fall on the high or the low. Every card may qualify for the High type of game while only 5, 6, 7, 8 and ace are the only ones allowed to be played in the Low. The players for Omaha Hi Lo must properly tell which among the classifications they are betting.

  • First Communal Cards - The first 3 common cards where everyone can match their cards on hand are revealed. Then the players must choose from discarding, checking or raising the pot again. Just like other poker games, everyone can bluff and act like they have a good set of cards even if they really do not.

  • The Next Communal Card - The Turn or the 4th of the 5 communal cards is shown to everyone after the bets from the first set were already settled.

  • The Last Communal Card - The River or the last among the 5 common cards is already revealed for all the players who have not folded yet after the betting procedures from the last step were already set.

  • The Two Rounded Showdown - Everyone will show their cards after the laying of bets on the River. The pot will belong to the person with the best combinations. The one who got the best in both High and Low rounds is the winner.

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