Anaconda Poker

Anaconda poker is a little different from the many varieties of poker. Its rules may not be similar but the strength and the hierarchy of the combinations is the same. Those who are not yet familiar with the combinations can check the website for information.

  • On the Players - Unlike the usual poker games, this does not need dealers, big blinds and small blinds. Everybody except those who will fold must chip in to form the initial pot.

  • Folding - Those who think that they will not win with the cards they are holding have the option to discard their cards. These cards must not be seen by the other players. Those who fold their cards automatically lose the round.

  • Dealing Cards - Each player is given 7 cards to deal with. This is the most distinct characteristic of Anaconda Poker. Usual games only range from 2 to 4 cards to deal with.

  • The First Pass - The players must pass on 3 faced down cards to the person on their left. These cards are usually called the "trash cards". Anaconda Poker often aims to destroy the combinations of the person next to you.

  • Betting - Everybody should make their bets before opening the cards that was passed onto them. A player has the option to call the last bet or to raise it. Those who really feel that this is going to be their round can call for an "All In". All of their money is then put in the pot. The amount of the bet depends on how good the cards you are holding are. You can also trick the other players by being confident about your cards and putting on the "poker" face.

  • The Second Pass - All of those who have not folded their cards yet, will pass 2 cards again.

  • 5 Remaining Cards - Everybody has 7 cards left on their hand. Each player will choose only 5 of them to create the best combination. They have to discard 2 to form the 5 cards.

  • The Winner - The player with the best combination takes home all the money in the pot.

Anaconda Poker can also be played with highs and lows. This means that the entire round is divided into two games. It is up to the players what cards to put under the high and low classification.