Bovada Poker Review

The Birth of Bovada Poker

Though just a rebirth of Bodog Poker, Bovada Poker is a new Poker room introduced to all US poker players. Appreciating the loyalty of existing Bodog customers Bovada Poker ensures their services are extended to both existing and new customers. The uniqueness is seen in the many options of sports betting, horse racing and playing casino games with just one account with Bovada Poker. The customers can still enjoy the benefits of the huge network of Bodog Poker and play against players spread all across the world. Taking pride in the experienced staff with them from Bodog days, allowing customers to shed any doubts of experiencing a new Poker room Bovada spells success.

All the success feathers on Bovada Poker's hat

High popularity: Where the competition struggled with building their customer base at the early stage; Bovada, was fortunate to start off with the huge existing network of Bodog customers. This is why Bovada Poker enjoys the amazing rating of 7.0 out of 10 in the parameter of Popularity.

Well acclaimed Security: Owing the amazing rating of 8 out of 10 on Security parameter to its experienced staff, Bovada Poker benefited highly from all the learning's of Bodog and based their security guidelines on through research on customer pet peeves i.e. worry about their funds being safe and their personal details being protected etc. So, one can be assured that at Bovada Poker employs strict security guidelines and ensures the use of advanced technology that promises high security for all players.

Ensures players enjoy high player competition and amazing customer support:The quality of competition determines the quality of the poker room, Bovada understands this and ensures that there is a range of players of varying standards. At Bovada Poker a player is assured competition that matches their level i.e. a beginner player exposed to players at the same level and experienced lot meets with decent pool that allows them to pit their skills against. It is due to this amazing technique of grouping according to their levels and also regulars that add on to the amazing action that Bovada scores a whopping 9 out 10 on the competition Parameter. When it comes to customer support Bovada customer service personnel are well trained and well equipped to provide instant or quick response via both E-mail and Telephone. Since the staff takes care of the basic need of providing answers and helping with any other basic issues it scores a 7.5 out of a 10 on the Customer service parameter.

Site Software & Promotions: Even though the software doesn't take a high leap when it comes to uniqueness, it is safe to say that at Bovada Poker is effective and completely serves its purpose. Though not totally unique the software has a few features like recording player statistics, resizable tables, etc... it is these features that gives Bovada Poker the score of 7.0 out of a 10 on the Site Software Parameter.

Company Ethics: Bovada Poker clearly understands the most major concern of all Poker players i.e. depositing and withdrawing from a poker site, which is why Bovada ensured that this process is made as painless as possible to its US customers.

Overall Review: Considering its huge network of players, its already experienced staff and the many number of years in poker services Bovada soon rose to become a hot favorite amongst American Poker players and grew popular enough to score 7.5 out of 10 in the overall parameter.

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