Is Online Poker Safe or Rigged?

For many Poker is synonymous to fraud unless they have tried their hand and understood the game. When this live poker escalates to the scary Internet it becomes even more of a night mare. The mere mention of Online Poker would raise basic questions like is it safe to be dealing with all your hard worked money and about the many possibilities of being rigged. So, here is a write up that would try a hand in explaining the possible questions of safety of funds and the software free from any rigging.

So the first question: are the funds safe?

Firstly, funds with Poker Sites in most cases are absolutely safe and according to few regular poker players much safer than your money in Banks. Yes, you heard it right....your funds when put into the right Poker site are way safer than in any other banks. Banks stand a possibility of being busted, but poker sites for the benefit of their players, and to win on their competitions, have bettered their security norms and assure a lot of security for your funds. This is primarily possible as all poker sites are regulated to keep all their players funds in safe accounts and notto be invested in anyway, hence, your bank rolls are safe and secure.

However, all these safety possibilities are only applicable when you ensure that you deposit your money into an unverified poker site. Research definitely shows that all the bigger Poker rooms are safe and secure places to play.

Choosing between small and big Poker sites also is a crucial step. Many people reconsider or rethink about investing in small Poker sites as just like any other business the profitability factor on small sites is less compared to the big Poker sites profitability. So, the question is how does one decide which one is a reliable? Here are the tips to check that:

  • Look for those sites that have large number of players
  • Should have been in the Poker Business for many years
  • Ensure that the sites go through regular third party auditing like eCOGRA etc...

Considering all the above mentioned criteria PokerStars and Party Poker have been listed as the safest places to have your poker funds stored. However, some people also find a plus with smaller Poker sites as they record lesser & weaker competition which result in more profits. Finally, our suggestion is to keep majority of your funds in largest trusted sites and use the smaller bank rolls in minting profits from smaller sites and profitable tables.

Second question of "Is the Software Rigged"?

In the history of Poker and from the mouths of veteran Poker players except for the "Super User" accounts scam there have no registered cases of software rigging. Many have understood over time that the cards pulled are always random and stand no chance of being seen beforehand by any player.

Though the Online Poker world was shaken by the "Super User" account scam where the super user allowed a player to see everyone's hole cards during the play itself, this serious scam was closed once and for all by patching the software. People started doubting this account as it showed unusual winnings and unusual playing.

So, finally though one cannot guarantee that such thing would not happen again; as of today there is no possibility seen of any scams being born. However, if you as a player still do not trust the sites then it would be advised that you play safe and roll your funds in the big and reputed Poker sites. To ensure longevity in their business and win over competition Online Poker sites fight 100% with cheating of any kind and go an extra mile to make the players experience more comfortable and fun than playing with worry and fear.

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