How to Choose US Poker Site and Why It Is So Difficult ?

Looking for a best poker site can be harder, particularly the one you can trust. One thing you won't want it to occur is you lost all the money you have deposited online because poker website has shut down or ran off with all your cash. So, do your research and due diligence on each poker room before registering and making first deposit.

Why Selecting US Poker Site Harder than Non-US Poker Site ?

Because of having many restrictions about gambling in the US, selecting US-based poker site is different from selecting a poker site out of the US. Hence, US players are allowed in only fewer poker sites. Almost all of them stop banking transactions to occur among the poker site and the users. The financial institutions and banks in the US are not going to finish transactions among both parties. As a result, only a limited number of poker rooms choose to take part in the US market.
In the US, there are different states which are completely against gambling on the web. Simply put, several US players are unable to register to certain rooms that non-US players can. All the US poker sites are not worth registering. This is why selecting US-based poker site is a lot harder than choosing non-US poker site. Here are the important things one should consider before registering and depositing money on a US-based poker website.


When it comes to choose the best room to play, reputation is one most crucial factor to consider. If poker room has bad or shady reputation, it is not good to play over there. Whether you are not getting paid for a big score on a tournament, several shady rooms gradually stick you. They may shut down their website without prior notice or run away with your money.
Because some websites were ended up leaving the market of US, any poker sites can easily enter the US market and welcome the players from the US. A lot of such sites are operational for around one year or two. Unfortunately, several rooms are operational and haven't faced any banking issues and complaints within 1 or 2 years. Before getting registered, be sure to check the reputation and several ways are there to do it like checking out poker news websites, poker forums and affiliate forums.


It is yet another major factor to consider before selecting the poker website. Not only banking option, but also the whole process of transaction is important to consider. Visit the banking page of a poker site and review their banking options. In this page, you can know what they accept and any limits along with the frequency of making withdrawal or deposit.
On the other side, payouts are a bit difficult to measure without playing and signing up. See the forums again and check whether they have any threads about the payout on your targeted site. The time of a week or two is enough for that.